So, you’ve recently purchased a “mallsai…..

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Perhaps you’ve had an interest in bonsai for a while now and you’ve finally given in to the urge and bought yourself a “bonsai” (or maybe you’ve received a gift) and now you’ve gone on the Internet and started doing research to keep it alive and suddenly, you find that you haven’t actually purchased a “bonsai” but this repugnant and malicious thing people sneeringly call a “mallsai”.
And you’ve probably gotten yourself a little juniper because that’s what most people think of when they think “bonsai”. (If you got a ginseng ficus this post is the one for you).
I’ve actually had a lady come to the nursery and I showed her all kinds of trees, elm, oak, ficus, tamarind…and she says “You keep showing me all these little trees in pots. Where are all the bonsai?”
When you started searching you found that the forum participants are a…

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