Dare I call it a ginseng ficus? What does that mean anyway?

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

My work area is getting worn out. Like my soul.
The black background is really taking a beating, with me breakdancing on it and all. The headspins, windmills and backspins are taking their toll.
And the stainless steel bench….smh. Sorry Dave.
The rust is from me leaving organic fertilizer granules on it overnight.
It’s a good thing I have a tree to work on, I might have to do some real work and sand it down.
Man, the details behind bonsai are hard work.
Pull the weeds, water the trees, clean and maintain the benches, pay the bills.
And the politics…oh boy oh boy do the politics drain the joy out of everything…..considering that we are just playing with little trees here, some few people are vicious in the bonsai world.
Some of it is ego, let’s be honest.
But a lot of bonsai politics has, at it’s roots, a…

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