Why Do Trees Live a Long Time? – A Reflection about Age


portrait 2After turning half a century this week, I was reflecting on the subject of age.  “Half a Century” sounds very old to us humans but when you think about it, relative to old things, fifty (50) years is practically just a small blip in the time radar.   Okay I maybe just making myself feel good here, you say.  I admit, there’s a little bit of that, but fortunately  I do have my bonsai trees to keep me in perspective.  The oldest one in my collection is 300 plus years old.  Compared to that tree, I feel like a baby.   I do feel great! I do take care of myself  “most of the time” but I’m not a tree.  So I started asking a question of what makes a tree live long?  Google has the answer:

“the retention of stem-cell-like meristematic cells after each growth cycle; the ability to replace non-vigorous, lost, or damaged organs, both above and below ground, in the presence or…

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