Newly Acquired Trees From The TBS Spring Show

Bonsai Workshop

I acquired one Japanese Maple, and one Larch from the TBS Spring Show. The Japanese Maple was air layered, and has an excellent spreading nebari. It was a bit pricey at $55, but I have high hopes for the nebari. There has also been some work done on the tree to improve tapering, and branch layout. Unfortunately, the tree was potted into a fruit basket in some common soil. I quickly repotted the tree into a colander with my bonsai mix. The shock of the repotting caused some of the new growth to get saggy, but that should improve after the tree has an opportunity to recover. I also placed the hay weaved mulch pad on top of the soil to conserve moisture. I found that this helps trees through the repot shock.

Japanese Maple Repotted

After a few days, the new growths are looking lively again. I decided to shape some of…

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