Sequoia Sempervirens

Bonsai Eejit

This is an update on my Sequoia Sempervirens or Coast Redwood. This was the tree back in 2011 when the initial work was carried out.

April 2011 before work

April 2011 After clear out and basic shaping.

And this was it earlier in the week. As you can see it has put on a little growth.



This is it after some further wiring, mostly primary branches and a few secondary.


I felt that the image was a little uninspiring and wanted to make a slightly more dynamic image, well, as dynamic as you can with this style! I opted to remove two of the lower branches to give the overall image more movement to the left.


It’s obviously still a little unkempt as no fine wiring  was done but the basic structure it there. I was reluctant to do much fine wiring as they seem to like to throw branches…

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