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If you’ve been following my social media exploits, you’ll recognize some of these trees. If not, why not? I’m twice as clever over on the Instabooks and the Face-a-gram, not to mention I’m a big Twit when I tweet.

Let’s introduce today’s cast of trees.

Green island ficus on the left, winged elm on the right

Ficus salicaria root cutting

Tiger bark ficus

And a ficus microcarpa (that looks like it’s being molested by Jose)

Where to begin? Let’s start with the tiger bark….It’s in an exceptionally shallow pot. The problem with that is it hasn’t grown in the two years I’ve had it (you can read about its beginnings in this post: Bonsai will be the death of me) after reading that you can see how little it’s developed. There were some branches that died back, and it put on new leaves and all, but not much…

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