Final Batches of Japanese Black Pine Seedling Cuttings

Bonsai Workshop

The seeds I planted late winter had a really good sprouting rate, therefore, I have 30+ seedlings to be made into seedling cuttings. I proceeded to make the seedling in batches. The first batch was done three weeks ago, last week was the second batch, and today, I did the final batch. I did it in batches because some seed sprouted faster than others. I begin making them into cuttings soon after the second set of leaves came out, and the stem take on a reddish tone. The pots used to plan these cutting seedlings were all obtained free of charge from my local Lowes. It’s wonderful that they have a pot recycle program where other gardeners dump their pots. I had to cut down some of the pots such that they’re not too tall. Below are my second batch of black pines. As you can see, many of the…

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