Defoliation of Japanese Maple

Bonsai Workshop

Over Spring time, I have been pinching out new growth on this Japanese Maple in hopes to shorten the internodes, and hopefully even promote some back budding. There were a few buds that formed, but there were still some very long internodes formed. Fortunately, at the same nodes for which the long internodes extended from, there were often other buds formed. The leaves formed at Spring time have a reddish tinge to it. As the leave hardens, it turns to fully green. Some initial wiring can be done here to ensure the new branches don’t push straight up.

Jap Maple Wired

By the end of Spring, the foliage on the tree was getting quite dense, as a result, no sunlight is able to reach the inner parts of the tree. With no light reaching the branches, no new buds will develop. The leaves are very large as well. This is often the case…

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