Know Bonsai Europa show 2015

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Over one hundred great trees on display, eight demonstrations, free workshops for children and a wonderful location: Tony Tickle on the Bonsai Europa 2015 event. Almost forgot, Tony also shares studio-shots from the winning trees in this post.

Two years ago I was frustrated that the UK was sadly lacking when it came to being part of the European Bonsai scene. There were lots of small ‘local’ or specialized events but nothing on a large scale so I decided that I would organize Bonsai Europa. I put out the invitation to artists across Europe and the UK to present their trees at the event and the result was that there was representation from almost every nation across Europe. The support from traders across the continent was fantastic, 30 traders including Japan, Sweden, Hungary, Germany, Czech and France supported the event. Over 125 trees from 80 exhibitors, two ‘club’ shows, Suiseki…

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