Dragon Sabina

rené becerril

My Spanish friend Germán offered me last year two yamadori Spanish Sabina junipers with great potential. I will be writing about one of them in this entry.

What I really appreciate from Germán is that he offers only good quality and well-established trees. He collects them himself in diverse places of Spain and then cultivates them in his nursery “Yamadori Spirit” south of Madrid. His trees must be at least two years in a training pot prior to put them for sale or even showing them to the public. Germán would never risk the health of his trees plus he is a little superstitious.

The quality of his yamadoris are superb, he can walk hours spotting average trees but he will only collect good quality ones. The species that he collects are Sabina Juniper, Oak Quercus Faginea, Sylvestri Pines and Olivastros. Most of the trees that he offers have not…

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