Bonsai in Feng Shui

Blooming Mushroom

Bonsai is a Japanese art form which grows artistic miniature trees in a container. The techniques used and the aesthetics involved in creating a Bonsai tree have become increasingly sophisticated over the years.

Let’s have a look at Bonsai from a Feng Shui perspective. Bonsai plants are not looked upon too favourably by Feng Shui, which is a bit paradoxical, as Bonsai first originated in China. A Bonsai is created through a seed or cutting, and is cultivated to stay small. The plant’s growth is artificially restricted by placing it in a small container/pot, by pruning and root reduction, which limits it’s growth.

Thus, when we place a Bonsai plant in our home, we bring the energy of restriction and limited growth into our life. At a symbolic level, having the bonsai creates stunted growth for the residents of the house. If you want to get rich and keep improving…

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