A flat-top, bald cypress bonsai story, and a question. 

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

I posted a pic in the social media jungle a few weeks ago.It caused some debate (aside from the flack I got from the recycle bin in the background, that is).

It wasn’t really my intention to stir the puddin’ (at that time), I was just showing a tree that I thought was beautiful. But there was one guy that took umbrage to me calling this bald cypress, styled in the flat top style, a bonsai. Its a xstyle created by the great Vaughn Banting of New Orleans some 30 years ago and, I thought, was an accepted style. No, really, a gentleman said the above tree wasn’t a bonsai. It was slightly surreal.

Let’s follow the development of the tree pic by pic and then we can talk philosophy.

The tree belongs to Jim Osborne from the Greater New Orleans Bonsai Society. GNOBS for short. In his words:

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