Large Coast Live Oak and Labor Extortion at Kimura Nursery

I was recently offered a spot in a Will Baddeley workshop. Bob informed me that some space was open and in lieu of the workshop fee I could also trade in work. I didn’t have $200, but with the onset of spring break I did have time. With a few trees that could use carving as well as an opportunity to meet more members of the… Continue reading Large Coast Live Oak and Labor Extortion at Kimura Nursery

Bonsai Comes Full Circle

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It’s a funny thing about life and gardening, they return to their beginnings.  So it is with bonsai at Garland Nursery.  We have enjoyed a good relationship with Wee Tree Farm and then Wee Tree, LLC. since 1986, both separate businesses with wonderful owners.  However, that’s not where Garland Nursery’s connection to bonsai began. It all started… Continue reading Bonsai Comes Full Circle

Waiting for Signs of Growth

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I grow bonsai trees. In South Florida, some kinds of trees grow year round.  Some never lose their leaves or foliage.  But, some, need an annual period of dormancy – typically, the winter (though, we don’t get much of a winter in South Florida!). During the holidays, I visited a bonsai store in Orlando, where I have purchased a number… Continue reading Waiting for Signs of Growth

National Arboretum

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The United States National Arboretum serves as the center for botanical research within the United States. It is a beautiful location with columns that used to be part of the National Capitol but were removed in 1958 during the Capitol’s expansion. My favorite part, the flowers! Who doesn’t love a good old flower picture? And lastly, the renowned bonsai trees… Continue reading National Arboretum