Shore Pine…on a Metal Post…

Michael Hagedorn

For a few years I didn’t know what to do with this tree. I’d collected it with Anton Nijhuis on Vancouver Island, Canada, and remembered all too well the long, thick, stick-like root that would make putting it in a small pot one of forcing it to be there. Which isn’t a happy solution.

So it ended up on a small slab support, bolted to a 3″ metal post…

…which makes me happier than had it gotten into a bonsai pot. Now it hangs off the shade cloth structure in the rain. Like an orchid.

Enjoy the photo essay!

Our Shore Pine (Pinus contorta subsp. contorta), as it sat in the yard for three years, pre-styling.

The chosen inclination for styling…

…and the styled tree. The decision was to retain the whimsicality of the tree rather than to constrain it into a typical bonsai framework. Which would have involved wood removal…

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