Crassula Ovata cuttings, one year on.

Adams Bonsai Adventures

So I took four cuttings from my big plant about a year ago and potted them into individual 9cm pots with some basic soil / grit mix. All of them took as expected, it is Jade after all and put on some decent growth. Unfortunately I don’t have the before pictures from a year ago, because I didn’t take any!

20170209_150625 Here’s one of them as it is today.

As you can see, they haven’t become humongous, but there is new growth and it is nice and compact.

So today I took them all out of their pots and had a good rake through of the roots which had grown really well as you can see from the pictures below. I just tidied them up so that they were really nice and radial then trimmed off the rest of the cutting below the root plane.

And finally all that was left to…

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San Jose Juniper

Bonsai Iterate

I’ve had this San Jose Juniper for nearly a year now. I acquired it as bonsai material (as opposed to home and garden nursery stock) and did some initial branch positioning late last summer. It’s strong and healthy, and in need of a better soil mix so I will get it out of this nursery pot and into something more fitting.

There were a couple of design adjustments I decided to make now as well. It didn’t take long after that first wiring for the wire to start biting in, so it was removed in the fall and some of the branches have crept upwards since then. Most adjustments can wait, but I did decide to go ahead and re-wire the apex and upper left branch to get them back down where they belong.

I also removed the lowest branch on the left, as I have been planning to do…

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