£4 ficus plants

Adams Bonsai Adventures

So whilst I was in town today I nipped into Wilkinson’s where they had a cheap and cheerful ficus planting. I figured that I could give it a go as a fusion project or get multiple trees.

For a home store plant, especially at this price it looked to be in good health. Obviously lots of cuttings or seedlings wrapped up together.

The first task was to have a look at what was going on under the hood.

I managed to separate four individual plants and one fused root group of five. So after a little root pruning and height reduction I ended up with four plantings (I scrapped the smallest plant).

It’ll be interesting to watch these plants develop over the coming years. I’ve wanted a ficus for a while and I now have 4. I’m running out of windows to place these trees in. I need a bigger…

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