£4 ficus plants

Originally posted on Adams Bonsai Adventures:
So whilst I was in town today I nipped into Wilkinson’s where they had a cheap and cheerful ficus planting. I figured that I could give it a go as a fusion project or get multiple trees. For a home store plant, especially at this price it looked to be in good health. Obviously lots of cuttings or seedlings… Continue reading £4 ficus plants

Thuja on Metal Slab

BONSAIKO I’ve written about this thuja a couple of times.  I’ve originally envisioned this tree going on a standard bonsai pot but it will have to be a very large pot. This  tree is between 4 to 5 ft tall.  I got inspired by Michael Hagedorn’s  Mt Hemlock forest on slab.  Michael used a Teflon slab but I used 1/2 inch thick steel slab with torched edges.  I had … Continue reading Thuja on Metal Slab

Trailer for the Bonsai Fundamentals Course-

Originally posted on Michael Hagedorn:
Here’s the trailer for the educational bonsai course that Oscar Jonker and I have been working on for a year, filmed at Shinji Suzuki’s bonsai garden in Japan… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5HkWDJ37mE We are offering the first 500 registrants a 50% discount on the course. To take advantage of this pre-enrollment offer: http://www.bonsaiempire.com/courses/fundamentals-course ? ? Continue reading Trailer for the Bonsai Fundamentals Course-