£4 ficus plants

Adams Bonsai Adventures

So whilst I was in town today I nipped into Wilkinson’s where they had a cheap and cheerful ficus planting. I figured that I could give it a go as a fusion project or get multiple trees.

For a home store plant, especially at this price it looked to be in good health. Obviously lots of cuttings or seedlings wrapped up together.

The first task was to have a look at what was going on under the hood.

I managed to separate four individual plants and one fused root group of five. So after a little root pruning and height reduction I ended up with four plantings (I scrapped the smallest plant).

It’ll be interesting to watch these plants develop over the coming years. I’ve wanted a ficus for a while and I now have 4. I’m running out of windows to place these trees in. I need a bigger…

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The Owl Quest Continues

Natural Moments

It’s been a pretty good week weather-wise for this year’s search for nesting Great Horned Owls. A number of outings to various places we’ve had them in the past and several others that seem promising haven’t yet turned up too many, but I managed to locate two new ones since last week. It must be the time of year, but there really haven’t been many birds showing themselves to me and certainly very few calling or singing to let me know they’re around. Still surprises me, then, how many species we manage to turn up on our Audubon Thursday Birder trips. This week was no exception, with the large group of 37 birders tallying 46 species on a morning trip to the Rio Grande Nature Center. Sure, we get a few more species from all the ducks and waterfowl on the ponds, but those large numbers must have something to…

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Thuja on Metal Slab


I’ve written about this thuja a couple of times.  I’ve originally envisioned this tree going on a standard bonsai pot but it will have to be a very large pot. This  tree is between 4 to 5 ft tall.  I got inspired by Michael Hagedorn’s  Mt Hemlock forest on slab.  Michael used a Teflon slab but I used 1/2 inch thick steel slab with torched edges.  I had a welder make the slab for me using my design.

Although this tree  could use more carving and more ramification, I’ve decided to incorporate this tree on a small display garden at the 2017 NW Flower and Garden Show.


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Trailer for the Bonsai Fundamentals Course-

michael hagedorn

Here’s the trailer for the educational bonsai course that Oscar Jonker and I have been working on for a year, filmed at Shinji Suzuki’s bonsai garden in Japan…

We are offering the first 500 registrants a 50% discount on the course. To take advantage of this pre-enrollment offer:


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