Prunus Mume (Part 1 of 4)

Nebari Bonsai

Last year, one of our club members brought an Ume to a Kathy Shaner workshop, and this year I worked on one with Peter Warren. Both said the same on the timing. Since we’re getting close to Ume blooming season, here is what they said:

* Mid-summer: wire green shoots, but don’t prune back.
* Winter: when flower buds fatten, you can shorten those shoots back to a profile that looks good when flowering.
* Late winter/spring: after flowering, prune it back hard, to 1-2 nodes and repot.
* Late spring: pinch back a little, but not later or you’ll risk flowering in the winter.

Some other notes Peter shared:
* Smooth, glossy leaves have flower buds at their bases. Those that are a little rougher in texture will not flower, they look/feel different. Flowering-leaves also curl up in the fall.
* It’s ok to let…

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