Prunus Mume (3b of 4)

Nebari Bonsai

The verdict…


About the round Tokoname pot. It’s a 13.25″ x 4.5″ deep Touyou by Mr. Matsumoto Takeshi. Lindsey Farr visited the kiln in his World of Bonsai Series, episode 11: Why this pot? First, I really like the pot, and felt that the composition worked. The angles of the trunk contrast well with the softer curves of the round pot, especially where it turns inward at the bottom. The nailheads add just enough texture to compliment the bark. I like umes in unglazed, dull or dark glazed pots because to me, the charm of an ume is in the contrast between a feel of great age, and the freshness of the new flowers. I don’t want a pot that will compete at this time of year. As it ramifies more, the green Chinese oval can look nice, as would an old, dark stoneware unglazed oval, or an antique…

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