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The spring defoliation marathon is officially over here at Aichi-en. Most of the tree’s we did here were japanese maples and trident maple’s. I’d thought I’d share a few trident’s that I did. All these tree’s were grown by Oyakata’s grandfather from scratch but, all quite different. All three were partly defoliated, leaving inner weak shoots and weak area’s.… Continue reading ‘Tri’-athlon

Prunus Mume (3b of 4)

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The verdict… About the round Tokoname pot. It’s a 13.25″ x 4.5″ deep Touyou by Mr. Matsumoto Takeshi. Lindsey Farr visited the kiln in his World of Bonsai Series, episode 11: http://ofbonsai.org/galleries/videos/world-of-bonsai-series-one-episode-11-tokoname-aiba-koyo-matsumoto-touyou-dragon-trident-2. Why this pot? First, I really like the pot, and felt that the composition worked. The angles of the trunk contrast well with the softer curves of the… Continue reading Prunus Mume (3b of 4)

Prunus Mume (Part 2 of 4)

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The ume bloomed beautifully last month. As the last of the blooms faded, it was time to revisit some old articles and notes about pruning. I’ve always read that ume is pruned heavily after blooming. I’ve also read that buds may not predictably open, so if the branch is pruned back, not leaving a viable bud, it’s not likely you’ll… Continue reading Prunus Mume (Part 2 of 4)