Juniper Project Phase 1

Michael Coopers Studio

discovery-4The number of times I have stopped to explore some small out of the way nursery in the hope of finding some potential bonsai treasure. But I suppose like the Princess and the Frog you have to kiss a lot of frogs first.

However a few weeks ago  I remembered a nursery not far away that I had not been to for a few years so perhaps it was time to give it another try. I pottered  around their tree collection, poked around their shrubs and browsed through their tunnels and green houses and then just as I was about to leave I rounded a corner at the back and came across this Juniper Squamata or Himalayan Juniper, which looked as if it had been there forever

Trying hard not to get too carried away with first impressions I got down on my hands and knees for a better  look   (and then had…

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New pots from ian baillie


dsc00805-440x600 I was at a workshop in belfast last weekend with ian baillie.i picked up some new pots from ian.first up is this juniper.ian actually owned this tree for many years and was happy with the direction  the tree was going.

dsc00794-595x600 Next was a black pine in a aubergine colored pot.

dsc00797-600x480 This is a potentilla in a lovely blue glazed pot.the flowers are white and should go well with the pot.

dsc00800-600x400 Close up of the glaze.

dsc00803-600x512 Chinese elm in its new pot.should be nice when the tree fills out a bit.i had a great time in belfast a big thanks to the club for hosting it.

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Cotoneasters in Late Winter

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

2 of my shohin cotoneasters have managed to keep hold of their berries throughout the winter despite the best efforts of a huge flock of fieldfares and redwings that invaded my property for 2 days just before Christmas and devoured every other fruit in the garden


As the days begin to get warmer, it will soon be time to remove them and prepare the trees for the coming season but for now, they are a joy to see on a dull winters day

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