Workshop with Peter Snart at NIBS – day two – effects

twinsrat bonsai

My materials before and after workshop

chamaecyparis obtusa lovely small size tree (5″) has got first styling. It will get re-pot next spring.

I have found final pot for it but it will get into it in 3-4 seasons time. Maybe a little bigger.

JWP this material has some issue but I newer give up and I wont to make some pr-bonsai :). It is grafted to different pine root stock, the graft is not that bad so it is possible to reduce its visibility. the second issue was branches structure ( long empty branches with 4-5 shuts at the end). The amount of branches has been reduce, new lieder has been chose, now I need to work on branches structure, build dense foliage pads and try bring foliage closer to trunk. Fingers cross. 🙂

Juniper Sabina “Variegata” I think the last picture going to be front and I will…

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Early Owls

Natural Moments

With a delightful break from winter this past week, it’s been easy to get outside pretty much every day to see what’s going on out there. It struck me yesterday wandering around in sunny 70+ weather how much different it was on that day back in 2011.  It was so extremely cold that day they sent everybody home from work early and wouldn’t let me retire from my job until the next day.

Before meeting a friend for lunch on Friday, I made a quick stop to check out the irrigation ditch at the end of Via Oreada in Corrales where the birds seemed to be enjoying the weather and going after all the insects that had also come to life. Several Yellow-rumped Warblers were working the branches all along the ditch,

Yellow-rumped Warbler Yellow-rumped Warbler

Song Sparrows and a couple of Black Phoebes were checking out the water, and a pair…

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Quiet Reflection

Nichigo Bonsai

I’ve been trawling through some of my old photos lately, pictures of previously sold or styled bonsai or trees that I’ve worked on over the years.

It’s been good to look over them with a fresh set of eyes, noticing all the mistakes, problems and weaknesses. Trees that I was once proud of now show bare my shortcomings during that period.

11-035 A tree I styled almost 10 years ago while in Japan in 2007. When cleaning the foliage I was overly keen on stripping old growth from the first branch, leaving it weak, and was reprimanded accordingly. I didn’t do that again.

Some of those trees still bare signs of those errors years later and it will take many more years to correct them. It is a good reminder of just how far my skills have improved over time and how this art we pursue is an ever evolving learning process.

Just when you think you…

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New Pots From Ian Baillie

Bonsai Eejit

I was lucky to have access to a great collection of Ian Baillie pots at a club event this weekend past and I got my hands on some great pots. Sunday saw me repotting a few trees. Here are the results…

A dwarf Willow with a nice heavy base. This is it’s first time in a small pot and is in the first steps of styling this year. Tree is roughly 10cm tall.


A great pot with stunning detail.


This was the old pot and tree as acquired back in June last year.


A shohin Rose


A root over rock Rose. We had fun selecting a pot for this one. It’s a touch large as it sits but should make a stunning image when it produces pink flowers this year.


This was it before and in flower last year.


And a root over rock Cotoneaster in a new shallow pot…

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