Building a maple or two

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

Whoa?! What?Are you drilling holes in trees again Adam? It looks like one of those parasitic worms trying to stick its tendrils into a tree and the tree is trying to get away.

How about we start at the beginning? Let me ‘splain. We have three trees. Here are two:This is one I’ve been pruning for shape for about 8 or 10 years.All that movement is from chopping, regrowing, healing, chopping. Repeat.

This was from the compact disc root layering experiment.

It’s ready for some chopping. Let’s begin with it.

Fortunately, its budding back all over.

I have all kinds of branches to use as a new leader.I’m thinking around here.

Or here.Somewhere….aha…I see, I saw.

Now, a little contouring.A rusty tool (where are my good tools?)

A sharp knife.

That’s better.You’ll hear nowadays to make a square cut instead of an…

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