I Feel So Soiled

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Now there’s some pretty soil. With all the partisan political divisiveness of late, I figured that I’d introduce a calm, nuanced, and non-controversial subject into the æther. Try to, you know, relax the dialogues on the interwebs and facebooks a little, so to say. This is a safe subject. Indeed. It’s time to make the soil!

In that spirit, let’s talk about soil a little…..no one argues about soil, right? Before I begin, here are three links on soil from Da’ Blog:The epic one,The personal one,The update. Read them. There’ll be a test.

Let’s see now, we have lava (the pointy heads call it scoria. What do scientists know, right?)Lava is my go to, I’ve used nothing but it at times. It’s great for Florida, it doesn’t fall apart, has good shape and porosity, doesn’t hold too much water. Unfortunately, it doesn’t hold…

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Sugarberry….aw, honey honey…..you are my bonsai tree….and I think I love you!

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Two collected hackberries.If’n you follow me on Instagram or the Facebooks, you’ll remember that I was lamenting the loss of a stand of native celtis nearby.Now, granted, it’s been heavily collected from by fellow bonsai practitioners but, as some have suggested, that’s not the reason for the decline. It’s two fold, one, see that dirt road? It goes to a lake with a boat ramp. The road is heavily traveled, for being a dirt road, with those hunting the elusive bass we call largemouth (It’s funny, I had a girlfriend I could describe as a large mouthed. Or big mouthed. I originally hunted her but ended up running as fast as I could away from her. Ahhh, to youth and my sweet roison dubh). The road is bulldozed and leveled quite often, fishing being a little more popular than native trees. This constant “improvement” keeps making the road…

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Building a maple or two

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Whoa?! What?Are you drilling holes in trees again Adam? It looks like one of those parasitic worms trying to stick its tendrils into a tree and the tree is trying to get away.

How about we start at the beginning? Let me ‘splain. We have three trees. Here are two:This is one I’ve been pruning for shape for about 8 or 10 years.All that movement is from chopping, regrowing, healing, chopping. Repeat.

This was from the compact disc root layering experiment.

It’s ready for some chopping. Let’s begin with it.

Fortunately, its budding back all over.

I have all kinds of branches to use as a new leader.I’m thinking around here.

Or here.Somewhere….aha…I see, I saw.

Now, a little contouring.A rusty tool (where are my good tools?)

A sharp knife.

That’s better.You’ll hear nowadays to make a square cut instead of an…

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