Five years work on a Japanese Larch

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

I just completed the winter wiring of this Japanese Larch today. Its’ progress in just five years, from the most unpromising raw material, is a constant source of pleasure and satisfaction for me. It may not win any prizes on the show bench but it has taught me a lot about bonsai design and development and it hasn’t cost me a penny. It will take another few years to acquire the fine ramification that I would like. Here is the progress so far in pictures.

January 2017


This is the pot it will be transplanted into in Spring, a nice grey glazed oval by Walsall Ceramics


Summer 2016


Spring 2014, after pruning and wiring and re-potting

larch 1

Early 2014 before re-potting


Summer 2013 after carving the stump


Early 2013


2012 after re-pot and first styling


2012 before first styling


Original material in 2011


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