Deadwood Inspiration

Scratch Bonsai

Shots taken at Castlewellan Forest Park in County Down:


Two things about this part of the tree stood out for me that I understand are very desirable when reproducing deadwood on bonsai trees: The branch has broken along the grain, leaving very defined lines and whorls and secondly, the irregular and very natural looking point of departure from the trunk – definitely doesn’t look like its been ring cut by knob cutters! Colour indicates that it’s relatively fresh damage.


This beech however shows deadwood in the form of shari where a low branch broke off.  Notice the grey colour, perhaps indicating an older injury.  This reminds me that deadwood can be acceptable on deciduous trees but its interesting to see that the exposed deadwood almost matches the bark colour.


Its clear to see the difference between a man made chop and the natural grain of the wood as the branch…

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