Axarquia Garden Club

Cindy opened the meeting by welcoming two new members to our club;  Linda Dryburgh and Jessamy Bowyer.

It had been suggested by a member that we should wear name badges as although Cindy knows everyone’s name, not everybody else does!!!   Mave is currently making them, so please see her to collect yours and wear to each meeting.

Gill  J., Gillian Wood, Greg and Mave have been assisting Cindy in putting together our 2017 schedule of visits which is almost complete.  We will continue with the 2nd Tuesday of each month except for no meeting in July (as it is normally too hot) and the dates will be on the blog shortly.   The numbers raffle board will continue for 2017 as it is an excellent club fund raiser for our Summer picnic and Christmas Lunch wine!!!!

Cindy thanked Gill J. for bringing the library today as Olga is away and was…

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