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Time To Order Seedlings & Pre-bonsai!


Korean Hornbeam


Korean Hornbeam

This year’s crop of seedlings and pre-bonsai look especially good. They have been graded so each bundle has different size trunks for forest plantings. The larger pre-bonsai are all well established in 4” pots. We will begin shipping in two weeks. Although this year we are offering 18 different species of seedlings and pre-bonsai, below are a few highlights:


European Beech


European Beech

The European Beech are quite tall and have an excellent fibrous root system. They are ready for creating your own forest. Although the Korean Hornbeams are smaller, they are also good for forests.


Kishu Sargent Juniper

The Japanese Red Pine seedlings are small and perfect to wire for shaping shohin bonsai. Both the Kishu and Itoigawa Sargent Junipers are perfect for workshops. I’m using them for my club programs in Virginia, North Carolina and New York…

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