Ezo Spruce Forest Styling-

Michael Hagedorn

As the last photo will attest, this tree was styled during quite cold weather…the windows in the studio had very interesting fractal ice patterns last week.

The Ezo itself has been a bonsai a long time, I’m not clear on the provenance of the tree beyond that it’s about 35 years old, sporting some older bark. It could have been imported. This is of the ‘red’ type, which has smaller foliage and a red bud.

This spruce was repotted recently, and the tree has regained vigor after having been weak. Several trunks appear to have died, and were cut away. A few young trees could be reintroduced, although the age of this tree would be hard to replicate, and Ezo is hard to find to begin with. Something to consider, however…the ‘main’ group in this forest (the left side) is about the same size as the ‘secondary’ group (the right…

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