I call her “Tortilla”, the bonsai-in-training


My new favorite baby, “Tortilla” is an Euryops. She’s a bonsai-in-training now. I got her in a 2 gallon pot at the nursery and now here she is:

Euryop bonsai-in-training “Tortilla” the Euryop Bonsai tree-in-training I heavily trimmed her, but didn’t hard prune her. I liked her original height for the most part and wanted to leave her canopy of leaves growing. Plus, she was in full-bloom when I got her and I wanted to enjoy the flowers before I chopped them all off.

I also wanted to take a slower approach to pruning, deciding to prune back some of the leaves, and then prune more as flowers bloomed and died back. I figure this would allow her to start new growth where I pruned her. It’s working so far. But I have no idea if this is a good philosophy or not.

I did quickly learn one big lesson after…

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