Doing It Wrong #3

Bonsai Iterate

Number 3 on the list of things I’ve been doing wrong for twenty years: Working with tiny plants.

Bonsai is a hobby that can eat up a lot of money, but… well, I haven’t had much of that. One of the errors I made because of this is collecting little seedlings with hopes of one day training them into bonsai. This is a rediculously slow way to end up with a good bonsai!

This collection of azaleas is a good example. They are not remotely tree-like and are years from being anything worth the time it takes to water them. This is the kind of thing I am now getting off my bench and back in the ground where they belong. If they show promise 5 or 10 years down the road, then I’ll reconsider.

There are ways to get bigger, better stock to develop your collection at little to…

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