Creating New Bonsai

Zarina Craft

I have been making bonsai ever since 1997 when I purchased this book. Over the years, the bonsai just died when I lost interest. Then, I will restart again with new plants.bonsai-book

Last month, a young family who rented a room next door brought in a few bonsai. After much conversation over the fence, I learned that the wife who was the green thumb. She loves bonsai and also reared hybrid fruit trees to be sold online.

It was that push and maybe due to a huge workload of big size quilts that prompted me to create more bonsai.

These three cuttings, destined to be bonsai are from the existing ixora plant in the garden.bonsai-ixorabonsai-ixora-3bonsai-ixora-2

These henna plants have been growing in the same pot for at least five years. I may have issues on getting a good looking plant but at least it’s a bonsai.hennabonsaihenna-bonsai-2

Yesterday, I visited a…

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