What Day Is It?

Bonsai Eejit

This week has been flat out so far with bonsai learning, I can’t even remember what day it is! I say learning as opposed to styling for a reason. Yes, trees have been styled but always with a view to what is best for them in both health and future development. This isn’t a workshop were you bring a tree to be completed, this is about making better bonsai. I can’t stress enough that Peter really cares about the trees first. Benches full of material of all types but each is being progressed with a plan, not just sitting for sale.

Yesterday was mostly about deciduous trees with Portuguese Oak , Maples, Japanese Apricot, all getting some work. A little carving was in order and a lot of discussion about how to develop the best tree for the future and using different techniques to achieve this.

Below are some of…

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