Though i am still a novice bonsai keeper, i have gained quite a bit of knowledge on the subject. ranging from different styles of trims to trimming the roots of each individual tree. The word bonsai means little tree, or small tree and comes from china.

Because I love design, and keeping bonsai is an art form within itself; I strive to master this art form as I wish to master design, through patience and self-discipline.

Choosing bonsai keeping for this project was an obvious choice for me due to my interest in this matter and my willingness to learn more about bonsai keeping to improve myself and understanding these beautiful pieces of art.

I myself keep mostly indigenous bonsai, this includes a 13year old juniper, juniper, a 15 & 11year old “aapiesdoorn”, a 10 year old olive tree, a 3&5 year old “hak&steek”. This is only a small part…

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