The Frozen Bonsai garden

Originally posted on Bonsai & Yamadori from Tony Tickle:
Don’t be afraid to leave out your bonsai out in the garden during cold snaps, it is important to let your trees have a dormant period in winter. If the pots are shallow then you need to be more vigilant. The outside temperature in my garden hardly ever drops below -5ºc and my trees benefit from… Continue reading The Frozen Bonsai garden

Planting a Yamadori Yew on a rock

Originally posted on Bonsai & Yamadori from Tony Tickle:
This amazing windswept tree belongs to my best mate in Bonsai Terry Foster. It has been planted on a rock for a number of years but Terry was never happy with the composition. Terry has access to some wonderful pieces of wavy rock that he collected on his travels. The new piece was more suited to… Continue reading Planting a Yamadori Yew on a rock

Springside Christmas Outing

BirdLife eThekwini KZN Report by Elena Russell 3 December 2016 Our December/Christmas outing to Springside was lots of fun.  There was an excellent turnout, with people coming and going before we could even say hello! The weather for once was hot and sunny and the birding was good. We split up into 3 groups and thanks to Terry and Lesley for leading two of the … Continue reading Springside Christmas Outing

2016 Photo Bloopers…

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Here are the ‘best’ photos of 2016 all together in one photo extravaganza, the Blooper Reel of 2016. And again there are no names to protect the innocent…other than Matt Reel, who is in the first photo… Happy Holidays everyone! Past year’s Blooper Reels: Continue reading 2016 Photo Bloopers…