First styling of a shohin Scots Pine

Scratch Bonsai

Finally, a first styling for this pine that was collected as a very young seedling over five years ago.  The gnarly, exposed roots are definitely its most distinctive feature and will be shown off in the final semi cascade image.  I can’t take credit for the styling, it was done before Christmas by a friend who has been helping me catch up with bonsai tasks missed during the year.

Immediate future plans:

  1. Root prune and repot into a smaller ceramic container next year.
  2. Bleach deadwood.
  3. Keep new growth very short to promote back budding.

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The Frozen Bonsai garden

Bonsai & Yamadori from Tony Tickle

Don’t be afraid to leave out your bonsai out in the garden during cold snaps, it is important to let your trees have a dormant period in winter. If the pots are shallow then you need to be more vigilant. The outside temperature in my garden hardly ever drops below -5ºc and my trees benefit from this cold period.


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Planting a Yamadori Yew on a rock

Bonsai & Yamadori from Tony Tickle

This amazing windswept tree belongs to my best mate in Bonsai Terry Foster. It has been planted on a rock for a number of years but Terry was never happy with the composition. Terry has access to some wonderful pieces of wavy rock that he collected on his travels. The new piece was more suited to the final image that Terry wanted.

Terry had prepared the rock by drilling a large hole in the base, and placing brass screws to secure tie wires to.

The whole project took 2 hours. The photos tell the story

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