Aurora – Our first Sacred Bamboo bonsai


“Aurora” is of the species Nandina domestica – common names include Sacred Bamboo and Heavenly Bamboo.

Starting her bonsai training

Aurora is a sucker I dug up and cut from a larger Sacred Bamboo shrub out in the yard. I felt confident in her ability to survive because the bud union she was sprouting from had a decent root system.

I planted her in our cactus soil mix, which is currently 2/4 cactus soil, 1/4 small gravel, and 1/4 perlite. We’re thinking of switching it to a mix of 1/3 of each soil/gravel/perlite for a little less soil to gravel and perlite ratio. We got lots of rain this week and I’m wishing the soil dried a little quicker. It does drain well though.


aurora_sb2_12-21-16Since Aurora was cut from the main mother root, I trimmed back her branches quit a bit too. I’m learning that there has to be balance. If…

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