South African Bird Pics: Another Dozen or So


I have made four postings of our trip to South Africa (beginning with the Oct. 23 posting), but it’s time to add a few more, since I have finally finished going through the 5k+ shots!  By the way, the final bird count is 418 species, with almost exactly 2/3 photographed!

This particular posting is all birds, and there might be one or two more bird postings later, along with another one or two more animal postings.  I know my vacation may not be exactly what you all want to see, nor birds perhaps, so hopefully the title of each will let you know if you should just skip the post!!

Hopefully the double-clicking to make an image larger and more pleasing to the eye will be working again!

African Fish Eagle:


African Grey Hornbill:


African Hoopoe:


This African Penguin looks, well, just a little hunched!


Black-collared Barbet:


Two Blue Cranes:

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