A Few Local Birds


Each year we can reliably see about 275 birds in the local Eugene area (plus/minus 30 miles or so).  Below are eight of these birds.  From a personal perspective, I think the naughty wrens are my favorites, as I not only find their markings absolutely beautiful, but I like their certain attitude, tail so frequently cocked.  I am also thrilled to have nice stable images of a couple of our swallows:  so infrequently do they seem to come down from their incessant swirl to pose nicely and show the vibrant colors of their backs that you can’t so easily see from the ground looking up!   Don’t forget, presumably you can double-click on an image to make it bigger, and often that really makes the image look better!

First up is a dandy little Bushtit.  These guys are such sociable beings!  They fly around in large flocks together, hardly ever showing…

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