Air Layered Acer

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The acer in the bottom picture was air layered last year off of the mother tree in the upper picture. We are now Air layering both mother tree and daughter. ? update   12/24/16 this past fall we successfully got another tree off of the top tree. The one off of the daughter tree is still touch and… Continue reading Air Layered Acer

2nd of 2 South African Landscapes

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[Well, what I did yesterday failed to help correct the sudden, unexplained loss in ability to double-click an image to let you see it larger.  But with friend Deigh’s help, I think the problem is solved!]   Also, you will be pleased to note, that we are probably beginning the end of the “my vacation” posts…probably only three or four to go;… Continue reading 2nd of 2 South African Landscapes

South African Bird Pics: Another Dozen or So

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I have made four postings of our trip to South Africa (beginning with the Oct. 23 posting), but it’s time to add a few more, since I have finally finished going through the 5k+ shots!  By the way, the final bird count is 418 species, with almost exactly 2/3 photographed! This particular posting is all birds, and there might be one… Continue reading South African Bird Pics: Another Dozen or So

A Few Local Birds

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Each year we can reliably see about 275 birds in the local Eugene area (plus/minus 30 miles or so).  Below are eight of these birds.  From a personal perspective, I think the naughty wrens are my favorites, as I not only find their markings absolutely beautiful, but I like their certain attitude, tail so frequently cocked.  I am also thrilled to… Continue reading A Few Local Birds

Southeast Oregon – Birds I

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I brought home about 1000 images from our annual spring trip to Southeastern Oregon.  Since conditions were rainy, I shot few landscape images; mostly bird shots, instead.  I will break the images from our trip into three postings:  two postings of bird images, and one of non-bird shots. For all these images, you can pick up far more intricate detail in… Continue reading Southeast Oregon – Birds I

Did I save the best for LAST? [Yes, Last]

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It’s been a tough road winnowing 5k+ images to 4k.  It’s been tougher still to keep what I have shown you to less than 100.  But for everyone’s patience, all good things must come to an end.  Many of the images I have blogged from South Africa have been themed.  This last one is not.  This one is just several of… Continue reading Did I save the best for LAST? [Yes, Last]