Air Layered Acer

Bonsai and Burl -


The acer in the bottom picture was air layered last year off of the mother tree in the upper picture.

We are now Air layering both mother tree and daughter.

update   12/24/16 this past fall we successfully got another tree off of the top tree.

The one off of the daughter tree is still touch and go,  not seeing many starts for buds but time will tell.

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2nd of 2 South African Landscapes


[Well, what I did yesterday failed to help correct the sudden, unexplained loss in ability to double-click an image to let you see it larger.  But with friend Deigh’s help, I think the problem is solved!]   Also, you will be pleased to note, that we are probably beginning the end of the “my vacation” posts…probably only three or four to go; although by special appointment, you are free to see all 4500!!!

The day after we left Lesotho’s Sani Pass, we drove to Durbin and flew into Cape Town.  This part of the country is far more Mediterranean in feel than the Eastern third of the country.  One of our first stops was to the African Penguin colony located in the Cape Town suburb of Simon’s Town.  Definitely an unusual warning posting!


The False Bay image, below, almost reminds me of parts of Mediterranean Turkey:


We had had our pelagic…

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South African Bird Pics: Another Dozen or So


I have made four postings of our trip to South Africa (beginning with the Oct. 23 posting), but it’s time to add a few more, since I have finally finished going through the 5k+ shots!  By the way, the final bird count is 418 species, with almost exactly 2/3 photographed!

This particular posting is all birds, and there might be one or two more bird postings later, along with another one or two more animal postings.  I know my vacation may not be exactly what you all want to see, nor birds perhaps, so hopefully the title of each will let you know if you should just skip the post!!

Hopefully the double-clicking to make an image larger and more pleasing to the eye will be working again!

African Fish Eagle:


African Grey Hornbill:


African Hoopoe:


This African Penguin looks, well, just a little hunched!


Black-collared Barbet:


Two Blue Cranes:

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A Few Local Birds


Each year we can reliably see about 275 birds in the local Eugene area (plus/minus 30 miles or so).  Below are eight of these birds.  From a personal perspective, I think the naughty wrens are my favorites, as I not only find their markings absolutely beautiful, but I like their certain attitude, tail so frequently cocked.  I am also thrilled to have nice stable images of a couple of our swallows:  so infrequently do they seem to come down from their incessant swirl to pose nicely and show the vibrant colors of their backs that you can’t so easily see from the ground looking up!   Don’t forget, presumably you can double-click on an image to make it bigger, and often that really makes the image look better!

First up is a dandy little Bushtit.  These guys are such sociable beings!  They fly around in large flocks together, hardly ever showing…

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Southeast Oregon – Birds I


I brought home about 1000 images from our annual spring trip to Southeastern Oregon.  Since conditions were rainy, I shot few landscape images; mostly bird shots, instead.  I will break the images from our trip into three postings:  two postings of bird images, and one of non-bird shots.

For all these images, you can pick up far more intricate detail in the feathering if you double-click the image to make it larger.

First, below, is an image of a Rose-breasted Grosbeak.  While a few usually make their way to Oregon each year, they are still an uncommon treat; and this one seen at the Malheur Game Refuge HQ was a new Oregon bird for me.


This White-breasted Nuthatch (which found himself a delicious treat!) was seen at Cabin Lake.


Cinnamon Teals are gorgeous waterfowl, but most of my sightings have been of them paddling along on the water.  I liked…

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Did I save the best for LAST? [Yes, Last]


It’s been a tough road winnowing 5k+ images to 4k.  It’s been tougher still to keep what I have shown you to less than 100.  But for everyone’s patience, all good things must come to an end.  Many of the images I have blogged from South Africa have been themed.  This last one is not.  This one is just several of my favorites of birds and animals.

For you cat lovers, here is a Cheetah with two cubs and a small pride of lion:



Although somewhat out of focus due to the vagaries of daylight and position within the vehicle, we much enjoyed these young hyaena living in a culvert:


If you didn’t get enough of antlered beasts with the previous post, here is a shot of mostly Impala with a stray Nyala down at the old watering hole.  The light and still blue waters make this shot!


Then there’s…

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