Root over rock trident maple project

Nebari Bonsai

I started this project in ’10, with a 2-year old cutting and a rock I picked up a long time ago. It’s one of 3 similar stones I found in the same area…just can’t remember where! They’re all smooth, hard and dark. This one is about 10″ tall.

’10, the cutting:


Sloppily attached to the stone:


It was then planted deep into the orange can in the background, and left to grow unchecked all year.

In ’11, here is the progress after one year:


Roots trimmed and redirected to follow the grain of the stone, then wrapped in raffia:



Tightly covered in Parafilm:



In ’12, worked again, and to experiment, wrapped it in Saran Wrap and taped down (Parafilm is better). The root isn’t attaching very well at the top. Ideally, no daylight is visible between the root and the rock. I cleaned up the roots a little more, and…

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