More from the Chishio workshop

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A few other areas to address on this maple include: 1. Smoothing out some of the callus tissue. 2. Softening the heavy upper left branch. 3. Making the color of the tree homogenous, as the current colors are distracting. Ready? Lets get started. Kathy is detail-oriented, tidy, and very precise. We used the trowel end of a pair of tweezers… Continue reading More from the Chishio workshop

Heavier pruning on a Japanese Maple

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Last week, we started light. This week we start to address the heavy, upright branch from which the first left branch emerges. Going back in time, it’s always been a much more vigorous area of the tree, and it’s been reduced every few years to maintain balance, but really, it needs to go. The pruning scar at the front creates… Continue reading Heavier pruning on a Japanese Maple

The Cycle Continues: Chishio Japanese Maple

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Continuing the 5-7 year cycle for continuously improving “finished” trees, this represents year 5 in the current cycle. ?Here is a shot from 2011, when the primary branches were coarser, but the ramification was finer; a few months after it was shown at the 2010 US National Bonsai Exhibition: Fall color was ok this year, considering the heat and drought… Continue reading The Cycle Continues: Chishio Japanese Maple

Bonsai 盆栽 are Bendigedig!

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Bonsai Suishoen & Matsusue-Sensei // Understanding the Art // Understanding the Skill // Making a Bonsai // Maintaining Bonsai // Amazing Hospitality! I knew very little about bonsai 盆栽 before this week. Although I have previously read about it (and even tried to make one when I was a student at Threave), I’d mostly forgotten anything I might have known; so… Continue reading Bonsai 盆栽 are Bendigedig!

The Tomb Raider Temple

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Trees Reclaiming Their Space This is another of the many examples of trees taking over a man made structure. Soon, in nature’s time, the roots will squeeze between the stones and growing forcing the stones from their places until the entire structure succumbs to nature. Locally, this is known as the Tomb Raider temple because part of the movie by… Continue reading The Tomb Raider Temple