Japanese Maple Nebari Development

Nebari Bonsai

Repotting is different than typical bonsai styling because the amount of time one gets to see and work on roots is so short and infrequent; quite unlike the rest of the tree that we contemplate each day.

However, root work will make or break a bonsai.   For that reason, and the fact that I have a horrible memory, I make it a point to photograph my bonsai as I work on the roots.  This allows me to make a plan, and (more importantly) helps me remember that plan during the next repotting session!

Here is a quick look at developing a Japanese Maple’s nebari, over the last 3 repottings.

First, 2008 (third repotting)

Looking back at this, 4 years later, I would have cut each of the heavy roots back at least as far as I cut the left two roots shown above.  They are thickening well, but it would…

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