An interview with Bonsai Artist, Sergio Cuan

Nebari Bonsai

Sergio Cuan is a talented bonsai artist, who I got to know through BonsaiNut, where he is known as “Mach5”. I met Sergio at the 4th U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition, where he exhibited an impeccable Sharp’s Pygmy Japanese Maple that won Finest Deciduous Bonsai.

Sharps pygmy Japanese maple
(Photo credit: Jonas Dupich)

It’s really a great bonsai, and just one among many great bonsai that reside in Sergio’s New Jersey garden.

Sergio is launching a new bonsai website, and I had an opportunity to do an online interview with him to discuss bonsai and the new site.

Nebari Bonsai Blog: How did you get started in Bonsai?

Sergio Cuan: When I was a teenager, I received a juniper bonsai from my parents as a Birthday gift. I kept well watered, misted a few times a day and placed it by a bright window in my bedroom. It was dead within two weeks. Although this…

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