Fall into Winter


Wow, Fall came and went quickly while I was working client trees and now we are falling in Winter. That means we enter potting season. I had 12 trees re-potted last year so the work is a bit easier this winter. I have some Chinese Quince finally going dormant that needs to be done as well as some of the hardy Junipers. Pictures coming soon of the quince re-potting. In my living conditions some trees take a long time to go quiet but the leaves are now all golden and it will be a mater of days before I begin the work. Happy Re-potting season, Spring will be here before we know it and our lives will be elbow deep in Spring re-potting chores.


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Preparing Trees for Show


Preparing a trees for show, whether it is an “in-progress” tree or a formal display is gratifyingly tedious labor. It is, however, a labor of love. To day I cleaned a boxwood that I was originally going to make part of a formal display realizing that it was not where ready for the stage. It has been affected by our very warm winter and spring causing rapid growth. I should say over growth. So I went about cleaning up and pushing it back so that I can add some more wire to it for shaping. It gave me the opportunity to work on the big cuts that were make last year so I broke out the Dremel and went at those cuts attempting to carve more realist branch cuts.  I have it ready for a re-potting now and have just hydrated it well so I can attempt that. In need…

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It’s Aliiiive! 

The Ficus Guy

No, this isn’t Frankenstein, this is Ficus. The Royal Ficus, to be specific.
Today I checked on the greenhouse trees and saw good results. The Royal Ficus is pushing out lots of new growth, and one of the natalensis cuttings is pushing roots out of its styrofoam cup.

Here’s that picture:

If there is constant moisture on the floor of the setup, the roots will continue to grow. I could place it onto a pot of soil to let the roots run into that instead, but for now I’ll let them go.

As for the Royal Ficus, it pushed an aerial root long enough for me to work with. Here’s the root:

So I took a straw and cut it in half:

Cutting the straw in half is crucial because it helps you remove the straw after the root roots in the soil. Otherwise you’d have to carefully cut the…

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winter workshop december ’16

Sally's Bridge Bonsai

Last weekend Mark hosted a Munster Bonsai Club workshop with Ian Young and Phil Donnelly. I could only take part on the Saturday although the lads kept things rolling on Sunday.

More from Mark’s blog here;


dscn9658 Introductions

dscn9659 Trees lined up for attention

dscn9660 Phil checking the roots of Ger’s JWP, a tree he purchased several years ago in Dublin

dscn9662 Initially the talk was of reducing the crown…

dscn9668 Then, the possibility of removing much more…

dscn9669 my larch clump, collected about a year previously

dscn9670 Dermot’s nice juniper

dscn9673 Mark had some homework done…

dscn9674 better view of Dermot’s juniper

dscn9677 great minds think alike… Piotr’s clump larch

dscn9682 Mark’s pine was already well developed

dscn9683 more discussions

dscn9684 more options discussed

dscn9690 down to work

dscn9691 work continues

dscn9692 hungry work

dscn9694 you missed a bit

dscn9696 larch after some jinning and pruning

dscn9697 I can’t believe you let him cut so much off !

dscn9698 my homework is some wiring to bring down the…

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