Ezo Spruce Formal Upright Styling

michael hagedorn

One of my favorite species for bonsai is Ezo Spruce…

Although we don’t have the wonderful collected Ezo that the Japanese have, sometimes one can find cutting-grown Ezo that are often perfect for forests or formal uprights. It has a very small needle and ramifies rapidly. There are also a number of really eye-catching North American spruces that one can collect, like Engelmann, Colorado, Sitka, and Black. They are a little coarser in feeling, but all exhibit a similar ease of cultivation in a pot that Ezo has and some are legitimately stronger growers.

Spruce is one of the conifers that can backbud all the way back onto trunks, even into barked up areas. (This is called epicormic growth, for all you plant nerdies.) Certainly backbudding that deep into the tree really changes what you can do with it.

This formal upright Ezo spruce has been a Seasonal student project…

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