Winter Silhouette Expo, 2016

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I think I have enough pics to to write at least three posts on the Winter Silhouette Expo but I’m not sure if I will. I could do one on show prep, one on the demos and extracurricular adventures and, of course this one, on the exhibit. Not sure if I want to though. We will see what the response is. Anyway, there are a lot of pics coming up so I’ll be brief as to the descriptions. This year there were something like 74 trees and I think I got them all but, if I missed any, and you have pics, I’ll add them in, send them to

Also, here is aLinkto a live Facebook feed I did, for those so interested.

Here we go, in no particular order but with (as always) my commentary. I’ll start with my trees, get them out of the way.

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