Field Growing Oak

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Now that leaves have mostly dropped and trees are almost dormant, time to do an annual prune of material growing in the beds.  This oak was a seedling planted this year.  It fairly thrived but had too many branches coming from a single point on the trunk, and these had to be thinned out to avoid inverse taper.


Lower branches left on to allow thickening.  I’d like this to be quite a chunky tree so I’ll keep new growth short next year.

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Bonsai Without Borders Global Summit

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The Bonsai Without Borders Global Summit and Black Scissors Bonsai Creators Convention was co-hosted by the Huzhou Nanxun Phoenix Cultural Tourism Development Group and the BWB Global Summit and Black Scissors Organization. It was held in Nanxum, a beautiful ancient city a few hours from Shanghai, China, on December 7-8, 2016. Su Fang, President of the Chinese Penjing Artists Association is also the co-founder of the “Black Scissors Organization,” and promoter of Chinese penjing.


Su Fang

The Black Scissors Organization, founded by Su Fang and Robert Steven from Indonesia a few years ago to avoid bonsai politics and believes that there is room for bonsai art to improve to a higher level. The vision of the organization is to promote and encourage creative bonsai through the Black Scissors spirit as a new world bonsai movement with enjoyment and fun. Working together, throughout the world and creating bonsai thinking “outside the…

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