Total Crepe Myrtle Redesign

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This tree doesn’t look bad. I’ve been growing it for 4 or 5 years. It always gives good fall color.

But I think it could look better. The best time to do one of these assessments is when the leaves have dropped and its time to repot. This is when you can best compare new pots, potting angle etc. and decide what branches to chop off.

The rear


The left


And the right

What can we do to tweak it?
I’ve always felt that it was a little unbalanced. And no matter how much I moved the branches I just couldn’t fix it.
It has great movement as is but it just doesn’t seem right.
Let me stew on it a bit while I do some research.
Lagerstroemia indica. Crepe myrtle. Or, as some like to write it, crape. The common name comes from the crepe-paper like flowers. It is…

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