Brazilian raintrees and senescence

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Here’s the word of the day: senescence. Here’s the tree of the day: Brazilian raintree.

When we think of senescence we usually think of deciduous trees. Not huge, tropical canopied, thorny and dangerous Brazilian raintrees.Senescence happens to all trees. Even junipers and pines. Those third year needles that you clean off a pine? If you left them they’d turn brown and fall off. That old browning scale foliage on a juniper? Same thing.

What a trunk huh?

And those thorns I was talking about.I have to stick my hand in there.

Here’s another BRT you should be familiar with.

It’s got some yellow leaves too. And no matter how much water I give it it seems to be droopy all the time.

Sad looking.

But it’s not sick. See that new bud?Some trees, both tropical and broadleaf evergreen, have a hard time shedding old foliage and you…

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